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I'm Disgusted and Tired

I'm currently reading, Pilar Gerasimo's book "The Healthy Deviant" and loving every word of it (and I've only scratched the surface). It is completely in line with how I coach my clients and in conjunction with the Deep Health model. This book will absolutely be added to my "Coach D's Favourite Health Books" list when I'm done.

I came across a statistic that made me want to vomit on my kobo as I read:

The global health & wellness market was at an estimated $4.7 trillion dollars in 2021... When I Googled this further, I saw another staggering and disgusting number of an estimated $12.9 trillion by 2031.

I'm disgusted. And I'm tired of being "part" of that (regardless of my/our good intentions in this industry).

What I mean is, I don't want to be part of the "same old approach" anymore. I've never felt like I've coached the "fads" but we've all fallen into traps along the way. I feel I haven't been coaching the "same old way" (hopefully) over the past couple years, as I continue to grow professionally and learn more about the power of the Deep Health approach. The old school mentality is NOT sustainable for people, NOR IS IT WORKING as I discuss in a previous post here.

So why do we keep trying the same old stuff, the same old way and getting down on ourselves??

My three women's health & lifestyle groups are a wonderful, refreshing push from us here at Zenergy Health & Wellness to try to help others find the less stressful, more enjoyable and sustainable approach to their health and lifestyle. I'm slowly working with clients to move them in this direction as well, which all comes down to our mindset and HOW we approach our health and wellbeing.

This is why I was drawn to Pilar's book when I heard her speak on Katy Bowman's podcast. It's such a simplistic, refreshing and enjoyable concept (just the way I've learned to coach through Precision Nutrition). And it's putting our reality right in front of our face! Since our society is becoming MORE sedentary, MORE depressed, MORE sick... Doesn't it make sense to do the OPPOSITE of what is being thrown at us in most facets of our daily lives???

I sure think so.

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