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Zenergy Coaching: Wellness, Health & Habits

~Time for change~

Welcome to practice-based coaching!

Come chat with 'Coach D' about how practice-based coaching works.  Learn how to enjoy your health practices rather than setting restrictions on yourself, obsessing over numbers etc, and learn how to create a healthy lifestyle that works for YOU! 

Going for a Run

What can I get from my coaching sessions with Zenergy Health & Wellness?

*Improved energy

*Positive change in health habits and daily practices

*Improved sleep ~ habits, quality and quantity

*Simple, realistic, sustainable nutrition practices

*Consistent daily movement

*Stress management tools and strategies

*Positive changes to body composition

*Improved strength, balance, mobility

*Increased sense of independance

*Positive impact on measures such as blood pressure and blood sugar levels

*Improved self-confidence 

*Improved mental clarity


Most importantly - A better understanding of what works for YOU!

Healthy Eating
Woman Sleeping

What our coaching is NOT...

At Zenergy Health & Wellness, our coaching isn't necessarily for everyone. Our coaching is...

NOT... for figure or fitness models,
NOT... for bodybuilders, or high-level athletes training for a particular sport
NOT... for people who "want their butt kicked" or to "be sore for days so they feel like they did something"
NOT... for people who just want to "workout" and go home
NOT... for people who already have all the accountability they need
NOT... for people who rarely struggle to maintain consistent exercise and eating habits

NOT... for people who already "have it all figured out"

Our Coaching... 

IS... for people who want to learn what they can do to lead a healthier lifestyle and how they can do it so it works for them
IS... for people who have "tried everything" and are looking for sustainable change, guidance and support
IS... for people who want to be healthy, happy and to have more energy for the important things in their daily life and daily routines
IS... for people who want to learn and harness the basic foundations of health that are typically overlooked in our modern society
IS... for people who need guidance, accountability and consistency

IS... for people unsure of how or where to start with their health and health practices

IS... for people who want to stop beating themselves up with negative self-talk and start learning positive, yet realistic self-talk

Coaching Sessions 

Initial Consultation & Assessment




Private Coaching Sessions




Semi Private Coaching Sessions

(2-4 ppl) 45min


Starting @

$25 pp/session

Distance Coaching

Monthly fee


Prices vary, inquire within.

Connect with us to chat about how we can help! 

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