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Health & Lifestyle Group

The Women's Health & Lifestyle group sessions work in blocks of 6-sessions, which run bi-weekly over a period of 12-weeks. 


Each block of sessions hosts a different topic surrounding the Deep Health Model, with the intent of filtering through all the noise in our current modern day world that creates confusion, the feeling of failure and frustration when it comes to personal health and wellness. 

Within each session the group discusses a particular aspect of the topic, share stories, successes and 'non-successes', share some laughs and learn information that can help each individual create their own healthy lifestyle practices that work for them, in a comfortable atmosphere.   Following each session participants are given a particular focus over the next 2-weeks before coming together again to discuss how things went, followed by discussions surrounding progression and the next focus.  

*6-session blocks (12-weeks) = $60/person ($10/session)

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