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Coach D's Favourite Health Books

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Let me start by saying, I'm a firm believer in the fact that there is NO "one-size-fits all" in health (or most things in life). In health, we're all the same, yet different and there are MANY ways we can achieve health and happiness.

That being said, this recommended reading list I DO NOT believe is a "magic bullet". It will NOT be some withheld secret information that will instantly transform your life. I'm a firm believer in taking bits of GOOD information and experimenting with them to see how it will positively impact your overall lifestyle. As much as I'd be very happy to hear one of these books changed your life, I'm truly hoping you can take some of their advice and information and put it to positive use in a way that works for YOU.

Below is a list of some of my absolute favourite health books, and go-to recommendations for clients, friends and family who are trying to help better their own health and daily lifestyle practices. If I could get everyone to read these books, that would be my ideal situation.

Coach D's Recommended Reads List

Dr Wells is an Exercise Physiologist from Toronto, ON. I've been fortunate enough to meet him in person, and his personality and demeanor are as fantastic as his books and information. Both of these books are packed full of excellent, simple and practical advice that anyone can put into action immediately to improve their health and wellbeing.

Another wonderful book, by another Canadian! Robin Sharma is an international motivational speaker who has some fantastic practical information and advice to better yourself personally and professionally. This book tells a story that teaches us so much about the power of simplicity and gratitude, and it's profound effects on us.

This excellent book (10% Happier) is written by former news anchor/journalist, Dan Harris and tells the story of his journey from his on-air panic attack, to discovering the power of meditation (but in a realistic way). Dan's humour is fantastic, and he has really made the practice of meditation something that the everyday person can do (to whatever extent they prefer). His follow up book (Meditation for fidgety skeptics) takes his outlook, story and practice and within sharing a story/experiences about bringing meditation to the general public, is also a "how-to" book to help you with your own practice.

Katy Bowman is a biomechanist and author. I love her work, and this book is among several of hers I have on my shelf. I will say, this is the heaviest book on this list and (may) be a bit too much for some people. However, I will also say it is packed full of practical advice and great information that everyone will be able to understand.

Katy really helps us to better understand the difference between "exercise" and "movement" in our daily lives. So much great advice and insight!

Dan Buettner is a journalist, author and National Geographic explorer, who has a series of "Blue Zone" books out now (including Blue Zone cook books) that I am very interested in reading. This book offers excellent insight into the habits and practices of people who live in the world's blue zones (which are pockets of areas around the world with the highest rate of centurians - those who live to 100+ yrs old).

This is a book that I read shortly out of college, somewhat by fluke. It was incredibly eye opening and looking back, it wasn't just decades ahead of it's time, but it's still very relevant today (possibly even more so). In the age of distraction, information overload and total confusion surrounding how to eat healthy (and still be happy), this book can help better understand some very cool facts and advice surrounding our eating habits, in a way that any of us can implement.

It's quite clear when you read this book that, Cal Newport was ahead of his time when he wrote this in 2016. Fast forward 7-years later and I feel this book is even more relevant now, which is a scary thought. This well thought out book, is truly something I feel everyone should read at least once!

This one is powerful in my opinion. It not only reiterates my belief and approach with small practices and the power of little wins, but it reminds us that our modern world is NOT a healthy place. It's such a refreshing, satisfying and inspirational notion in my opinion to see so clearly to say; If we want to be healthy in this modern, unhealthy world we really need to do the opposite of what we're led to believe is healthy.

*This is not like a diet or exercise book where she's pushing something on you. On the contrary, Pilar does a wonderful job at reminding her readers that health is different to us all, and an open book as to how you go about it!


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