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We have more than ever; yet we're failing

Not the most wonderful title to a post is it? Honestly though, why should we sugarcoat it?

-We are living longer than ever in human history. Yet our QUALITY of life is arguably diminishing.

-We have more options for local fitness and health professionals than ever before. Yet we are becoming less active in general.

-We have more knowledge and information than ever before in human history. Yet we're more confused because of it.

I think you get the point...

Recently on Katy Bowman's Podcast, she mentioned a scary statistic;

80% of Americans are not meeting the MINIMUM standards to promote general health benefits.

Here is the exact wording on the CDC website:

Percent of adults aged 18 and over who met the Physical Activity Guidelines for both aerobic and muscle-strengthening activity: 23.2%

That's NOT ok.

Come further North to us Canadians and we're in a very similar boat. We break things down a little differently, into "grades". Here's an idea of how that works:

A = 87-93% B = 67-73% C = 47-53% D = 27-33% F = 0-19%

Participaction has researched and reported with a very easy to read report on how we're doing in various areas of healthy, active living. Some are good. Some are really not good!

-Sleep got a B (I was pleasantly surprised with that one!)

-Many categories fall into the 'C' grade (not too good).

-Muscle-strengthening and balance activities got a D- (really not good!)

-Sedentary behaviours got an F (I don't need to explain that one any further... ouch)

*A couple other grades were low however I feel aren't as relevant for this report card. --- -Active Transportation got an F (which sucks) but many small, rural communities in our country have little to no options due to distance. Granted there's some neat ideas we could still incorporate more.

-Sports participation got a D-. However I do still feel COVID impacted that even in 2021, not to mention the cost of sports is forever rising dramatically in Canada.

What's your point coach?

My point is that I'm tired. I'm tired of being a part of that in regards to how we approach healthy active lifestyles with our clients and our business. I don't want to be part of "the norm" because THAT is what got us here.

It's time we do things differently.

It's time to HELP others in a much more efficient way where looking at habits and the various dimensions of health.

It's time we all start putting into our heads that we can be healthy in so many different ways, so why not pick the ways you enjoy!!

Time to stop looking at fitness and nutrition as the only two ingredients to a healthy, active lifestyle.


I'm very anxious to read the book, "THE HEALTHY DEVIANT: A RULE BREAKER'S GUIDE TO BEING HEALTHY IN AN UNHEALTHY WORLD by Pilar Gerasimo She puts it point blank in a podcast with Katy Bowman (biomechanist and amazing author). Our society is becoming LESS healthy. So doesn't it make sense that in order to be healthy, you start going against the norm!?

It's a very cool mindset don't ya think? Here's some norms for you...

-Stay up late, sacrifice sleep but get in another few episodes of your favourite show.

-Be attached to a screen most hours of the day.

-Sit. Often.

-Get your health info from social media sites

-Google every ailment you experience so you can share that info with your doctor

-Eat at home as few times per week as possible

-Work 6-7 days per week as much as possible.

-Always be on call and available

-Don't take lunch breaks. Work through it.

-Don't take time off.

-Schedule every bit of free time you can with something

-Share your every moment and thought on social media

-Stay indoors.

These are just a few examples. It even sounds awful writing it this way. Geeze.

These can remind us that changing habits for the better isn't always easy, but it is simple/straightforward. Do the exact opposite of even just those things listed above and you're well on your way to health and happiness!

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