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Your Exercise and Nutrition may NOT be your Biggest Barrier

Here we are, in 2024, with social media and constant “noise” about things like how to look better and how you’re “supposed” to eat to be healthy, and so many people STILL struggle with finding what works.  Especially this time of year. We “get on the wagon” and “fall off the wagon”, over and over, while in the meantime continuing to get better at one thing;  

Bullying ourselves.  

This post isn’t about that though (Although I do love the conversations about our internal bully - that bastard!!).  I’m sharing my thoughts here to present a DIFFERENT way of thinking about your health  (which I love to discuss with people) and what is ACTUALLY holding you back.  Although I’ve seen this over my 23 years in the industry, I truly feel it’s worse TODAY. 

-Our world is much more “busy busy” and “go-go-go” than it was even 10 years ago, let alone over two decades ago!  

-The attention grabbing, constant distractions have only become more the norm

-We’ve witnessed it first hand with clients and potential clients

-Discussions with colleagues and even other types of business owners are experiencing the same thing

I’m talking about COMMITMENT.  

This post may come across as a rant.  In a way, sure it is.  However I’d like it to be more of an OBSERVATION.  Observing on a regular basis, from the “front lines” of the business.  

I believe the idea of COMMITMENT has been lost.  Not purposely in all cases, but it IS a real life factor in your progress and success with your health goals and healthy lifestyle.  I believe there are a few factors in this which I’ll touch on shortly. 

We know the “instant gratification” world we live in is real.  So there’s that.  But what we witness in 2023 was something we were taught back in college, and I’ve never forgotten:  

“When you commit to something - Commit.  Follow Through. Do it. No matter how big or small. Do it. See it through.” 


Here’s some factors I believe are at play with the lack of commitment happening: 

Lack of Attention to Detail.  This is a problem across society in many facets of life now.  We bombard our days with 30sec snippets or less of information or entertainment, and then move right on to the next.  We read, watch and listen to plenty of things and often, BUT we’re retaining very little.  This lack of attention to detail is impacting the commitment levels of people from what I’ve witnessed. I’ve had several people for example sign up for a women’s health and lifestyle group, and when they come to the first session they still aren’t sure exactly what’s happening!!  Yet they sign up and commit. Seems a bit backwards doesn’t it? Should we not, if we’re unsure, ask questions, decide if it’s right for yourself and THEN sign up and commit? 

Too Busy.  The modern world mentality is;  Busy = Successful/Cool/Strong.  Statistics in health are proving that to be COMPLETELY false.  Our busy schedules where we fill every free moment in the calendar with “something” is a major contributor to declining health, rising stress levels, increased use of medications, lack of sleep etc… What I’ve witnessed in 2023, is people “committing” to something but then missing MORE than they SHOW UP because there’s always something going on.  I’m not talking about getting sick or your kid gets hurt and you have to take him/her to the hospital, rather I’m talking about events and other commitments (things that don’t just show up a few days or even a week earlier).  

You are NOT a priority (due to the previous two points as well).  A good quality and bad at the same time is the quality of putting EVERYONE ELSE and EVERYTHING ELSE ahead of ourselves.  In regards to your HEALTH, that is NOT a sustainable practice.  Putting yourself FIRST is NOT selfish when it’s taking care of your Deep Health. In the situations I’ve seen in 2023, there are always many reasons why someone isn’t showing up or committing - and more often than not it isn’t for them specifically. They’re taking the kids somewhere, they’re going to ‘this’ event, they have ‘this’ work thing to get done… Whatever it may be, it’s NOT for THEM.  Again - I’m not saying these things are bad in isolation. But when they are constant, and when they clearly are taking away from an individual's health and personal time… I’m sorry, that’s a BIG health problem.  


I don’t just mean committing to programs or health and wellness services at Zenergy Health and Wellness or wherever you choose to go.  I mean in ALL FACETS of life - Practice commitment… 


-If you commit, FIRST understand WHAT you’re committing to FULLY.  

-Clear your calendar for SOME time, that is YOURS and PRIORITIZE THAT. 

If you have been struggling to find “what works” for your health, be it in regards to nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management or all of it… and you just KEEP struggling to find it;   TAKE A STEP BACK, BREATHE for a few minutes and ASK YOURSELF HONESTLY:  

“When I CHOOSE something, AM I FOLLOWING THROUGH with it? 


It pains me to see so many people chasing and struggling with healthy habits and positive lifestyle change, when the REAL BARRIER is their COMMITMENT.  Not carbs… Not the exercise routine… The commitment. 

COMMITMENT brings consistency, time and progress. 

Those elements create SUSTAINABLE CHANGE.  

COMMITMENT allows us to self experiment.  If we see something that we CHOSE to do through to the end, with our attention and effort, we can then make a more informed decision whether or not it worked for us or not.  THEN we’re able to make smarter choices for ourselves and LEARN as we progress.  Without COMMITMENT and seeing things through, we never can truly change. 

UNLESS we SLOW THE $#%^ DOWN and BE REAL with ourselves, we will FOREVER BE CHASING our HEALTH.  

This may be the most powerful thing you learn this year!  IF you take the time to truly look inward.


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