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"LATER" is a bad habit

We've all done it. We've had something to do, be it a project, chore, errand to run or a workout session and we say "I'll do it later."

And then... later never arrives.

I caught myself (granted not in time) the other day doing just that! My day was quiet. I had a couple early morning client sessions, then I planned to do some studying, my weights, a walk and some other client work. But, very early on life got in the way...

-Jasper (our dog) was unwell.

-Despite having most of the day to myself, I didn't get much done at all as I spent the time sitting with Jasper and stressing with him (while waiting for his 4pm vet appointment).

-I kept saying "I'll do my weights closer to lunch"... "I'll do my weights once my food settles for a bit"... "I'll do my weights before we head to the vet".

-By 3pm I thought "I'll get my weights in once we get back from the vet".

(**By the way, Jasper is fine**)

At 5:45pm, I sat writing that exact list in my journal/log and I had ZERO desire to do my planned activities. Which was exactly why I was writing my thoughts/day down! As a reminder of what NOT to do.


That was my lesson the other day. I took it as that as well. Not a failure or an "I suck" moment, but a reminder/lesson that putting things off until "later" is a bad practice to get into.

For nearly 2-years my weights, walks, runs, hikes etc (in terms of planned activity) is typically done in the morning to early afternoon. That works for me. So when I kept putting it off until "later" the other day, I was really playing with fire. Every time I said "later" to myself, my chances of getting my routine in was decreasing.

This is common. I see this OFTEN with clients, and only in the past couple years have I learned the importance of these conversations and the mindset. Think about it for a second;

If we put more energy into our APPROACH (our thoughts, feelings and actions surrounding our health practices) vs WHAT we choose to do exercise or nutrition wise, we would dramatically increase our success rate!!

The WHAT is much less important than we think. Everything works for somebody. Ultimately it comes down to "ARE YOU DOING 'x' CONSISTENTLY"? If you keep putting things off until "later", you learn how "later" is always later OR it never comes. THAT'S WHERE WE NEED TO PUT OUR ATTENTION AND ENERGY, more so than the workout we choose, the diet we "think we should be on" and what your neighbour told you to do that worked for them...

Dan John (one of my favourite Strength Coaches) calls them SHARK HABITS. "One bite, and it's done" he says. I love that and it's so true. You have your to-do list and your priorities for the day (in this case, hopefully your health practices are at or near the top of your list). The first chance you get to get it done, DO IT. MAKE IT HAPPEN. Even if you "think" you have time later, just GET IT DONE. ONE BITE ... and it's done. You feel good about getting it done, and you spend the rest of your day NOT stressing about getting it done.

See where this is going? The shark habit has nothing to do with the workout itself for example; it's the habit and mindset AROUND THE WORKOUT that's MOST important.

I love this mindset stuff and the focus on THE PRACTICE OF DOING.

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