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  • Derek

Take Control of YOUrself

I shared this little story in our private Facebook group, Zenergy Health & Lifestyle. It's such a wonderful example of a common theme, in two ways:

1) Rather than take control of our own health, we wait and/or put it onto others

2) We skip right over the basics and simple practices we can do ourselves

At the start of our Stretch, Relax, Meditate session we were doing an adductor/groin stretch to begin to relax the hips...

One of the participants: "I think I need to go see a chiropractor because my hips always feel so tight".

Me: "Oh? Do you do mobility or stretching work for your hips at all, right now?"

Participant: "No."

*Disclaimer - in no way am I picking on this person. It's a common response to that question AND I might add, she immediately went into "ah-ha" mode as we were chatting, which was great!*

Participant: "Sometimes I'll sit like this in bed and do this stretch"

Me: "Awesome! Yes! That's all it takes if you do it regularly. You can even just pop down to the floor and do it for a minute or two while you're watching a show at night or something... "

It was a really great example of how we so often overlook the simplicity of a situation, of how we feel or of a "problem area" in regards to our body. We immediately assume it's an issue we can't deal with ourselves, and we need to pay for SOMEONE ELSE to take care of US, which will then "magically" make things better.

Reality is (if you have good chiropractor or other health professional), he/she will not only treat you but also will give you exercise(s) to do at home to help manage your situation and in the end, see them less. Meaning, if you aren't already in the practice of managing your health for YOURSELF in basic ways, you'd better make sure your bank account is ready to take a hit!


(more than we think)

Like most things in health, it's what piece of the puzzle is needed at a particular time; Chiropractors, physiotherapists, athletic therapists, fitness professionals, nutrionists etc are all wonderfully helpful professionals to have on your 'team'. But ultimately, YOU have to do the work, take the advice, ask questions and learn how to better help YOURSELF through their guidance. AND you don't need ANY of these people ALL THE TIME (if they tell you otherwise - find a new one! Seriously!).

In this particular example, had this person said that she does mobility work with her hips daily, yet still seems to be restricted in the hips, then yes I'd agree that she should connect with a professional to help. However, in most cases (as she proved in conversation), there's no consistent practice in place, no energy put into helping with the issue at hand and no foundational health practices to facilitate change. It's a shame that we're at a place where when something is a bit "off", we immediately think we have to spend a bunch of money and time to have someone else make it better... when we have 100% ability to do so by implementing some basic, daily practices.

Like the foundation of your home, simple daily practices create a solid foundation of health for us. More often than not, by having that foundation we also learn how simple it can be to feel better most days, and how impactful small practices each day can be... If we just take that time.

If you're relating to this client's tight feeling hips and our little story here, ask yourself this honest question:

Am I currently doing 'x' for myself (to try to manage my situation)?

If you answered yes - perhaps connecting with a professional for at least a session or two may be worth it, to help guide you on the right path to help.

If you answered no - Ask yourself, "what's an easy thing I can do NOW to help myself?" and then START doing it. Keep it simple. Make it SO SIMPLE it "can't possibly work". Then be consistent and watch the change almost appear like magic over time.

The bonus: You'll feel good! Added to that is the "feel good feeling" of doing good for YOURSELF!


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