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"Part 7 - Unlocking Deep Health: Exploring Gretchen Rubin's 'The Happiness Project' Secrets"

We touch on today's point from Gretchen's list in Part 6 of our series here on the Zen Blog. It's also been discussed here before on the blog - You can find that post here if you missed it. And if you did, may you feel shame! Hehe...

Something that can be done at any time is often done at no time

Does that resonate with you already? Maybe sound familiar?

I'm thinking of particular clients (past and present) who CONSISTENTLY practice "Later";

"I promise I'll start this weekend"

"Ok - As of tomorrow I'm gonna start fresh"

"After this project is done at work, things will be easier to fit in"

"After my holidays in 2-weeks, I'm going to get focus on my goals"

Reality Check

-"Later" is ALWAYS later

-The more you put things off until "later", the better you get at doing THAT

-Later is most often NOT any better for you than NOW

I highly doubt that anyone reading this will disagree that life is a SHIT SHOW. Yes, some weeks/months are busier and some are less busy, but waiting for "ideal" is unrealistic... and we all know this. We just choose to ignore that reality with wishful thinking.

Get Stuff Done

This can be an opportunity to also argue for practicing saying "NO" so that you don't take on too much (which naturally will allow you to get more done). Regardless, developing the practice of getting things done now vs later will help improve the "NOW MUSCLES". One of my favourite Strength Coach's, Dan John calls this "Shark Habits". "One bit and it's done".

The reality of this mindset and practice is that it also frees up time for us. We all want more time, yet the more we push to "later" the more STUFF piles up for us to do.... later.

Do it NOW. Get it DONE. Make it a practice.


Argument for More Focus on Mindset

This, and all the posts based on Gretchen Rubin's lists (found in her book "The Happiness Project" are just more arguments for us to CHANGE OUR APPROACH to our health.

-We've tried all the diets...

-We've tried all the things we "should" do...

-We've tried all the latest and greatest exercise plans...

-We've tried to listen to everyone and everything else...

How's it working for you? If you're still finding yourself confused, struggling or feeling like you'll "never get there" - It's NOT working!

Coaching at Zenergy Health & Wellness, the Zen Blog, our Youtube channel, Facebook page and group, ALL are more and more putting emphasis on the MINDSET. We are helping more and more people put their energy with their health goals into their mindset, the actions, the practices and skills surrounding what they want to accomplish to an even greater extent than the WHAT.

Most of us have done the "other stuff" and it's time we recognize that doing the same shit over and over isn't working for us. Sure you can hire a Health & Wellness Coach or start something on your own anytime... but if you're still reading this, you may be realizing that LATER may not be helpful.

Connect with us and let us have a conversation about how we can help you build your health practices to boost longevity, vitality and your deep health.


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