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"Part 6 - Unlocking Deep Health: Exploring Gretchen Rubin's 'The Happiness Project' Secrets"

Part 6 of our little series of posts takes another of Gretchen Rubin's Secrets of Adulthood and adds some thoughts in regards to how it pertains to not just happiness, but overall deep health.

Today's point:

Don't expect to be motivated by motivation

Zenergy coaching clients have heard me say often; ACTION PRECEDES MOTIVATION and this is how I take Gretchen's point here.

Misconception about Motivation

We wait until we're "less busy"...

We wait until things are "easier"...

We wait until "later"...

We wait ... for "motivation to magically appear in a big puff of smoke", and then? Well and THEN everything will be wonderful! Right? Well, how's that working for you?

As modern day humans we tend to believe (whether conciously or subconciously) that motivation is a magical element that "finds us". I'm sorry to say it's not. However, motivation IS real; we just are expecting it to show up and the wrong time. Think of it like standing on a Westbound train platform, waiting for an Eastbound train. It's not that it's not coming - but you're looking in the wrong place.

ACTION is the "MAGIC" that Cultivates Motivation

Actions, just small ones even, are what cultivate motivation. DOING something. Not waiting. Go get it! An example might be someone who has started to really enjoy nature photography:

-Their new interest has sparked them researching simple tips and tricks to take great photos in nature.

-This hobby then begins to get this person outdoors more, as they learn to use their new basic skills more efficiently.

-This makes the person want to get new and better shots of different aspects of nature. They begin to look for areas nearby such as forests, rivers/lakes, conservation areas that will offer more to take pictures of and enjoy

-After a few outtings, they realize their breathing is laboured a bit so it's not as enjoyable as it could be if they were a bit fitter.

-He/she decides to incorporate some walks into their week to help improve their cardio, which will help them get into better spots and stay out longer for some great nature shots.

.... you can take this further of course...

-After a few months and really beginning to enjoy their newfound passion, he/she has purchased some new equipment (better camera gear, better hiking gear...) for some awesome shots of nature!

-This new camera gear is a bit heavier though, so now this person decides may they should look at getting some strength training in to make their photography outtings easier on themselves.

-They begin a simple strength routine at home 2x per week, in addition to their walks that have really helped their cardio

.... See? In this simple example, the act of getting into a new interest sparked motivation to continue to experience more and grow. The ACTION is what brings on the motivation. It also makes all of their choices more desirable to him/her because it's FOR A REASON THEY CHOSE THEMSELVES. No one else.

Maybe Gretchen Rubin had a different meaning to her point here, but that was my immediate take on it and I love it. People are constantly researching, learning, thinking about doing something, talking to people about doing something... and then don't do it. OR we say "I'll start tomorrow", "I'll do it next week when I 'have more time'" or "Next month I'm going to start 'x'".... and it doesn't happen.

Don't overthink.

Don't overanalyze.

Take action.

Do something small and simple towards whatever it is you have in mind.

Then - Do it again.

And again, and again, and again....

*Coach D's Side Note: If you ENJOY what you're doing, motivation will pop up EVEN MORE QUICKLY! *

Don't seek motivation.

Don't look for it.


If you're taking ACTION.


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