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  • Derek

Workout Simplicity - Part 2

As in part 1 my "travels" the past few days since the humidity is dying has been absolutely awesome!

Here's the premise.... JUST GO. Doesn't get much more simplistic eh?

I've been out the past few days exploring the area and trails I used to run quite regularly. Since that time, some wonderful work has been done on the trails and they are now exclusively used for hiking, trail running and mountain biking. There are new trails and signage throughout the area as well. I was just loving it!

I set out on a few run days to simply explore. No idea of time, distance or even where I'd end up... I thought "Just GO explore". The new trails were great, and I actually need to explore a couple more of them to see where they end up. I also found my old hill sections I used to run. One is just VICIOUS! A good hard walk up it is all you need, trust me! The trail loops around (which I forgot about), so it'd be a perfect spot to do "laps" up and down the hill as you work and recover.

Today's walk following my lift session was an exploration as well, but I stuck to the road. I wanted to check it out as another running route, walking route etc... I was pleasantly surprised.

Woods and nature on either side of you most of the way, not a busy road with traffic (I encountered 3 cars in my 40min walk) and a great spot for some tempo/interval runs with the telephone poles lining the road. Plus, if I want to duck into the woods onto the trails I mentioned, the access is there as well.

After my turn around point, I realized how peaceful it was. I took my headphones off, stopped my podcast, and just took in my surroundings for about 5-10min. It was fantastic.

Adding this simplicity to your days really counteracts the hustle and bustle of daily living in this world.

Simplicity + Consistency = Healthy, Happy Humans.


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