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Workout Simplicity- Part 1

The beauty of simplicity is... It's simple.

It takes little effort to make things happen.

It's enjoyable.

It gives a refreshing feeling in a way.

It's sustainable and therefore, easier to be consistent.

Now that the humidity is (finally) breaking after a painfully long time here in Quinte, I can get back into my running. When I lift AND run during my weeks, I feel great. Today was a lift day, meaning LIFT + WALK. Here's how simple the workout was today:

That's it for equipment and space. And it felt great! I did each exercise in the order shown with little to no rest between each. Once all 4-exercises were completed for a set, then I would take a 45-60sec rest. Then off again to the next set. After 3 sets each, I got down to the floor to finish with a couple Turkish Get ups on each side (really noticing some nice changes - I'll save that for a future post), to work some full body mobility to kind of wind things down.

Then outside for a nice 40min walk.


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