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Start NOW, not "tomorrow"

We've all said it; "I'll start doing that tomorrow".

I've heard it plenty of times in the past twenty years working with clients. I catch myself saying it at times too. None of us are immune.

But does "tomorrow" ever come??

OR does it simply continue to be "tomorrow"??

I read this quote today that made me think of that concept:

“Stop worrying about how long it will take

and get started.

Time will pass either way.”

—James Clear, author of Atomic Habits

Call it putting things off, procrastination or whatever you like. I'll call it INEFFECTIVE.

When it comes to our health habits (and anything in life for that matter), the best time to start is NOW. Make it happen! No excuses. Put your head down, and GO!

Some examples I hear often...

"Tomorrow I'll start going for a walk in the mornings"

"This is the last day I'm going to eat like crap for a while. After today, it will be better. "

"I'll get to those forms tomorrow"

"Tomorrow I'll begin my rehab exercises the physio perscribed"

I have a secret for those of you who may be interested; "Tomorrow" will be as imperfect of a time to start as today may be.

Just start NOW... TODAY.

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