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Simplicity for the WIN!

One of our worst barriers can be overthinking. We were discussing that very topic last night in our women's health and lifestyle group. Overthinking leads to stress, self doubt and inaction. Then that cycle repeats, and we become good at what we practice; which is overthinking.

As I work to create my 2023 routine (preparing for an increasingly busy late summer/fall this year), simplicity FEELS GOOD and it will allow me to have consistency when it comes to my own health practices. Here's some examples of the mindset & approach;

1) I'm working through 40-days of Dan John's Easy Strength again. I loved it in 2021, and I'm loving it now. It needs to be a typical routine for me a couple times per year to be honest. The concept is simple:

-40-days (5-days per week for 8 weeks)

-Show up. Just be consistent.

-Keep weights heavy, but light enough that you're not straining and you still have a few reps left in the tank at the end of a set.

-Rep schemes never go over a volume of 10/session (...5 reps x 2 sets, 3 reps x 3 sets, 2 reps x 5 sets)

-If you feel great, increase the weight. If you feel not so great, decrease the weight.

-The routine consists of the fundamental movements: Push, Pull, Hinge, Loaded Carries and an ab wheel thrown in. Hangs and a deep squat hold is part of the warm up and/or mobility between sets.

-When you're done, go for a walk (30-45min)

*This routine takes about 15-20min and you feel amazing after because you haven't "crushed yourself". After your walk as well, you feel ready for any other activity that comes your way that day.

2) Mondays and Wednesdays I come to the studio before my 7am coaching sessions start, and do a lowback & hip mobility routine from Katy Bowman, and then a 3-5min meditation.

3) Tuesdays and Thursdays I break that Easy Strength routine a bit (because of how my work day falls). I fit in my Easy Strength between clients, and then do a trail run or road run in the afternoon.

4) Fridays, other than Easy Strength and a walk, I work in some additional mobility and Original Strength work.

It's ALL simple and NOT stressful

Notice common theme of simplicity and ZERO stress?? Let me tell you, it FEELS amazing too! And that's what makes you come back day after day for more. Not only is it EASY to fit into your days, but you WANT to fit it in. Within that framework, there's flexibility built in to some days in regards to my "cardio" side of things.

For example, yesterday (Monday) I'm usually planning to do my Easy Strength and then go walk. But my friend and I had 18-holes booked at our local golf course. Guess what that means? I knew I'd be walking the course (as usual) so I didn't stress about getting a walk after my strength work. In the end, my body still got what I wanted to do for it, and my mind didn't get bogged down by stressing over "perfection".

Today (Tuesday) is another great example. I'm typing this between morning coaching sessions, and after my Easy Strength routine. I feel a bit tired this morning, so I adjusted the weights down a bit and I nailed it! The routine still got done (consistency), and I don't feel worse, I feel better than when I started. This afternoon is a typical trail run or road run day, however I'm going with another friend to play tennis. So guess what? Tennis IS my run!

There is enough stress in our modern way of life that we CANNOT MAKE our health practices stressful as well!!! If we set our ego aside and look to ENJOY what we CHOOSE to do for our health, we'll find ourselves WANTING to do it EVERYDAY because it feels good and we ENJOY IT!

Keep your health practices simple. Don't overthink. Just take simple action and make it a daily practice.

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