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  • Derek

Seven Things my Most Successful Clients Do

I'm most likely preaching to the choir here, as most likely those of you reading this are already doing most of these things. However, I feel these are necessary reminders to put out there and to (hopefully) impact even just a few people who are considering hiring a coach to help guide them into enjoyable, sustainable health practices.

That said, these reminders don't just pertain to clients hiring a Health & Lifestyle Coach; It pertains to ANY health practitioner you choose to work with:

-Personal Trainer/Kinesiologist/Exercise Physiologist



-Athletic Therapist



... etc

The act of simply hiring these professionals does NOT mean you'll achieve your goals. There is work to be done. There is a progression / steps to get to where you want to be (like anything in life). It's all good! BUT, there are certain things to keep in mind to increase your chances of SUCCESS.

Here are some things that successful clients over my 22-years in the industry have in common...

1) They have an open mind and ask questions.

This is at the forefront of my most successful clients work with me as their coach.

-They're willing to try something they may not have tried before

-They ask questions

-We have great discussions surrounding their health practices and how to help keep them simple and consistent

-They have a willingness to learn

2) They are patient and trust the process.

This isn't always easy, however these are two foundational qualities to client success.

-Sustainable change takes time (i.e. patience)

-True success and practice comes in the form of progression. Small steps, possibly with some bumps along the way. Progression is not linear by any means.

Throughout the ups and downs, the most successful clients stay with their current practices and trust the process.

3) They respect time.

The most successful clients all have this quality in common; They respect their own time and the professional's time.

-They show up early / on time for sessions

-They schedule time to put in the work away from their coach/professional

-They utilize that time when they're in it (during sessions and within their own daily routines)

It's not a coincidence that clients who are chronically late are also the clients who least adhere to their practices and goals.

4) They are willing to recognize and adjust accordingly

The most successful clients all have this in common;

-When things are working, they recognize it and keep going

-When things aren't working, they adjust accordingly

5) They utilize the professional they hired to the full extent

The most successful clients in over two decades in the industry now all do this very well;

-They rely on the professional they chose to hire as their primary source of advice/information in that particular area (vs. "Dr Google" or their neighbour down the street)

-When the professional provides advice and ideas, they take it and use it

6) They communicate regularly and effectively

Successful clients over the years have had this quality stand out very noticeably.

-They communicate regularly with the professional they chose to hire

-They have discussions, ask questions, keep the professional informed as to what's working or not

-They respond in timely manners to calls, texts and/or emails

-They elaborate in the discussions they have with the professional as to what's working or not

-If in discussion with the professional they hired, they agree to something, they follow through (eg: implenting a daily practice, doing their rehab exercises, returning a message, tracking sleep times...)

7) They put in the work

After hiring a professional for guidance, the most successful clients put in the work and run with the advice and guidance provided.

-They prioritize their health and health practices along with the advice of the professional

-They take action, even when they're not directly with the professional

-They put in the effort to create change


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