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"Part 8 - Unlocking Deep Health Exploring Gretchen Rubin's 'The Happiness Project' Secrets"

Part 8 now? Wow!! I hope you're enjoying this series of posts. I enjoy sharing my favourite of Gretchen's points from her Secrets of Adulthood & Paradoxes of Happiness lists, and how they relate to overall deep health. Thanks for following along.

If you're just joining us, here's a link back to the first post of the series if you'd like. You can also click on the category here in the blog menu to access all of the posts in one spot. Fancy, I know!

This final point of the Secrets of Adulthood list from Gretchen is one that has become a much more common conversation with clients over the past few years, as I've learned the impact on my own health and others:

It's easier to change your surroundings than yourself

The common approach to health we take is to FORCE something into our daily lives right? We put our energy and focus on what we're going to do. Yet we ignore or are oblivious to the fact that our environment is a MAJOR factor in our progression in our health goals or a barrier that works against us, day after day.

  • If you have healthy food on the counter or coffee table, in plain site and easy to grab and eat - you're much more likely to do so.

  • If you have your running/walking gear right at the door, so that every time you go in and out of your house it's there to see in plain view - you're much more likely to put it on and go.

  • If you have a single kettlebell or dumbbell in your office / workspace so that it's easily visible and accessible - you're much more likely to work a few added movements into your days

  • If you have foods that work against your goals / make you feel like poo, easily accessible and visible - you're much more likely to grab and eat them.

  • If your yoga mat, weights or stability ball are hiding in a closet behind a closed door so you rarely see them - you're less likely to take them out and use them.

... this list is endless.

Put more attention into your environment

Once you have a goal in mind, you can easily (and quickly) adapt your environment with one or two simple choices so that you are more likely to progress towards your health goals. Health, fitness and nutrition marketing however ALWAYS focuses on the details that sell; The cookie-cutter template of "do this and everything will be flowers and rainbows"... And that gets us to buy!

Human minds work differently. We're surrounded by influences that create our daily habits everywhere we turn. As Gretchen Rubin eludes to in her point, changing what's around us is MUCH easier than what's inside of us. Changing your environment allows you to more naturally create change in your daily habits/practices, but with less stress and energy in doing so.

  • If your phone is preventing you from getting to bed on time because you're "doom scrolling social media" before bed - take your phone out of the bedroom before bed time (i.e. don't get in bed with it in the room).

  • If you have a foam roller set beside your couch or chair where you watch tv - you're more likely to grab it and do a few minutes of rolling while you still enjoy your favourite show

  • If you put your veggies in clear containers in the fridge - you're more likely to grab them when you go in the fridge because they're more visible

... again - it's an endless list of possibilities.

If we put our attention into this aspect when we are trying to change our habits and our health, we can truly go about it in a much less forceful and stressful way.

... Because our health practices should NOT be a stressor! They should be something that brings us energy and joy to our daily routines.


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