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Part 12 - Unlocking Deep Health Exploring Gretchen Rubin's 'The Happiness Project' Secrets"

Here's a point from Gretchen's Paradoxes of Happiness list that is a tough one:

Silence is sometimes the best reply

This is a challenging but very real statement from her list. In a world of answers and information overload, we are quick to respond to people's questions (personally and professionally) and we have a desire to provide an answer to nearly everything.

Yet humans, although we constantly seek understanding and answers, don't always need it. Our deep health can thrive with simplicity, practice and consistency as the primary factors, over and above answers.

Only recently have I learned in both coaching and in general, how powerful silence can be. Yes, I'm sure some clients are rolling their eyes thinking "You!? Silent?" but it's true. Seriously. Think about the last time you had a conversation with a friend, family member, colleague or person at the store and you simply listened; Not striving to GIVE a response at all - just listened mindfully. I bet many reading this will be hard pressed to remember a recent moment right?

We bend to our modern way of life

This is a complex statement. Humans have it better than ever in human history today in terms of how we live. Yet, we continue to suffer, learn and grow in DIFFERENT ways with our modern way of living. We have incredibly technology and really most things we need/want at our disposal (I mean come on - we can shop in our underwear from our couch people!). The issue in my opinion isn't THAT we have these amazing technologies and way of living available to us every day, but rather HOW we use these modern means of living that IS THE BIGGER ISSUE.

Deep health for nearly all of us, thrives with balance (which is different for all of us, and not a static state). Abundance in either direction isn't healthy. In the case of the topic of silence being the best reply, this holds true. With all information we want at any given moment in the palm of our hand (abundance), it's incredibly hard to NOT provide a reply (good or bad) isn't it? Therein lies the need for balance.

Coaching and Mental Health

I'm really learning so much about the psychological side of my career and it fascinates me. The questions we ask, the conversations we have AND the silence we offer within discussions with people can actually provide more powerful outcomes! It's so cool. In mental health first aid, one of the staple understandings when helping someone with a mental health situation is; You don't have to fix it or provide any answers; Just listen. Help them see you are there for them in that moment and/or to help them get the help they need.

Silence is powerful.

To put it another way...

If I can sway this in a different way, we can also look at silence as the best reply in regards to our daily health and wellbeing.

The idea that we don't always have to PUSH or DO something in particular...

We don't always have to be "ON" or available...

We can BE in "SILENCE" and approach that moment(s) with ease...mindfulness... rest to actually give ourselves MORE.


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