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Morning Mindfulness: Start the Day with Awareness & Calm

Every morning the past couple months I've started my weekdays by practicing my meditation. Be it a guided audio meditation, box breathing or 4-7-8 breathing or a quick OMM session (fun little app) ... I've taken the 5-7min each morning Monday to Friday to practice as a way of starting my day with a more natural flow.

It works for me. Even on those mornings where I'm out the door in 25-30min after my shower, it's easy to fit in and doesn't feel rushed (I hate feeling rushed in my mornings... Or ever). It hasn't always been this way. I used to find in the mornings I was "too tired" and was worried I'd just drift off to sleep again. However, after working on my sleep habits, in addition to learning and practicing meditation over those years, I'm coming into the mornings very differently - and it works for me.

This morning, my first client session had cancelled so I had some time to enjoy my coffee and book on the porch; One of my most favourite things (except that I never want it to end). Before my coffee and reading today, I chose to sit on the porch with the intent to do some box breathing. Instead, I practiced mindfulness by using the peacefulness of the morning and my surroundings.

Not my front porch - But this guy gets it. :)

I sat comfortably in my chair on the porch and softened my gaze on the green grass in front of me. After focusing on a few conscious breaths to center myself, I then shifted my attention to the sounds of the morning. The number of birds singing their songs was abundant!

 I would single in on recognizing each new song...

I'd hear a car in the distance...

I'd hear doves wings flapping as they fly from the yard...

I hear the a/c kick on from the house across the street...

...Naming and taking in all sounds that come to my ears.

After a couple minutes, something caught attention. The little baby bunny who lives under our side porch was heading under our bird feeders to pick at the seeds that had fallen in the grass. I gently brought my full attention to him naturally.

Watching his careful movements.

Watching him munch away.

Watching him stand on his hind legs to listen attentively.

Watching him settle down low to pick at the seeds the birds dropped to the ground.

After maybe a minute or two, he hopped away out of view. What a great way to end a morning mindfulness practice. Time to sip my coffee, enjoy my book and start the day.

The practice of purposely and conciously starting our mornings in a more gradual and natural way is incredibly powerful, and can set you up for a more balanced energy flow, mindset and focus throughout the rest of your day.

To put it into contrast...

Most people aren't even out of bed and will be on their phone to check messages or social media...

Many people will hit the snooze button 3 or more times as they struggle to get out of bed after a lack of sleep...

Many people choose to sleep later leaving very little time to even awknowledge how they feel as they rush to get ready for work or school as they start their day in "high stress / high alert" mode...

.... We can have a much more gradual, feel good and balanced way of starting our days if we CHOOSE a practice that promotes it. It's a choice that can have a profound impact over time.


Want to learn more about how you can incorporate mindfulness and/or mindfulness meditation practice into your days? Connect with me (Coach D) and I'd be happy to help you get started into a practice that works for YOU!

Or send me an email directly:


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