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More than Carbs, Protein and Fat

Let's not dive too deep into the "nitty gritty, down and dirty" science kind of nutrition talk eh? You know why?

Most of us don't need to be THAT specific to be healthy!

Are vegetable good for us? Sure they are.

Is protein good for us? Absolutely.

Should we drink water each day? Uh, ya.

But there are many, many ways to eat healthy and be a healthy, happy human without losing your mind over some restrictive way of eating. Especially when the only reason you're only doing it is because your neighbour down the street ate "this way" and got absolutely ripped!! (Meanwhile, that same neighbour is moody as hell, sleeping poorly and talks about nothing other than "how and what they eat" 24/7). If that sounds appealing to you, more power to you. Fill your boots. However, 90-95% of people just want to feel good, be happy and be healthy.

Recently, I checked in with a former nutrition coaching client who had to stop our sessions due to a change in her work commitments. Prior to working with her, this client had "done it all" (like so many) and it had taken a toll on her mentally;

She felt like a failure.

She felt like nothing will ever work.

She felt like she's destined to simply feel this way the rest of her life.

Connecting with Zenergy was a last ditched effort.

*I'll remind my readers here, that no matter how many times you "fail", if you keep coming back to try again or something new, that means it's important to you. It also means you're not a "failure". It means you're opening up another opportunity to learn about yourself. What works, and what doesn't work. Where we go wrong most often is we don't step back to truly assess, be honest with ourselves, think about and make the appropriate adjustments of what ACTUALLY makes us feel good and works for US (rather than do what we think we're "supposed to do"). *

Going back to my former client I checked in with, she mentioned the following within her reply to me:

"The benefit of coaching with you has really helped me psychologically. Having a different view point, and positive feedback has stopped that continuous loop of negative self-talk in my head and I feel better about myself." ~ D.W.

It was another one of those moments that not only puts a big smile on my face and warms my heart, but it also shows that THIS is where we need to spend more time and energy:

On the foundation.

On the mindset.

On our negative and unrealistic self-talk.

On our why.

If we can step back to understand that unless you're an elite competitor/athlete or have a job or situation that requires very strict and specifically defined aspects of your nutrition and exercise practices, we can do WHATEVER works best for US. Reps, sets, 'x' amount of nutrient 'y' etc... can work in all kinds of ways for all kinds of people. When we focus on our foundations, and in particular what's mulling around inside of our heads with regards to our approach to our health, we can make some wonderfully big, positive changes to our mental and physical health.

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