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Mind-Shift and Health

I have something different for you here. A little conversation. Let's call this an audio blog.

This conversation discusses movement and a stacked hobby like... "random casual birding" I call it. The idea of this chat isn't to get people to love birding necessarily, but to show how SIMPLY we can ADD movement and health benefits into our everyday without stressing about it or even thinking about it! Quite often, by approaching your health in this way, you reap so many more benefits than you even realize!! However this ONLY works if we SHIFT our mindset from the old-school thinking of "I need to 'exercise' and do things I don't really want to do to be healthy." I've said it before and will say it a thousand more times; That's bullshit!!

Please have a listen. Play this while you drive to work or home, while you clean the house, do some gardening or while you're out for a walk. I'd love for you to open your mind to this approach to your movement and health:

A chat about health and "casual, random birding" with Coach D!


For those who listened, this stuff will make sense to you....

This is my game, Wingspan that kicked my interest in "casual birding" into gear.

Here is a list of the apps I have for birding (FYI - I'm not sure if some or all are available on iOS. I have an android phone cuz I'm cool like that)...

*eBird (bird tracking, mapping etc)

*Merlin (bird tracking, bird ID, sound ID etc)

*BirdNet (bird sound ID)

Additional nature apps that fuel my curiousity, learning and love of nature...

*iNaturalist (everything from animals, insects, plants, trees etc..)

*Seek (can sync with your iNaturalist profile as well. Has very cool 'scavenger hunt' type challenges etc..)

*Mushrooms app (identify species of mushrooms / fungi)

*Star Walk 2 (maps the night sky and identifies planets etc..)

We have so many options of ways to enjoy moving more and being healthy, without stress!! It's high time we take advantage of things we love and enjoy and make them part of our health practices!

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