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It's Ok to be Satisfied

I've had two very cool things happen today with two seperate people, and both situations were reminders that it's ok to be happy with where you're at and what you're doing in your daily health practices. Even if others are telling you, you "should" do something else or more.

The first example was a distance coaching client of mine. I've been working with her for a year or so, and she's done amazing. She recently shared some wonderful thoughts about how good she's felt with her health, strength etc since we started working together (that kind of news always makes me smile). We had planned before Christmas that she would be one of my three guinea pigs with a new coaching software I wanted to try out. She kindly accepted to help without hesitation - she's just like that.

However, after reviewing her intake and skills assessment forms with the new software, it really was saying to me that, despite her willingness to help me, it's really not going to help her. She's happy with things right now. She's feeling great, has a nice rhythym with consistency, enjoyment and progress with what we're doing... so why would I want to impact that? We're doing everything she hoped to do!! We have a phone chat tomorrow regardless, but I plan on "firing her from her guinea pig duties" because, she's doing amazing with the current format/software. The change wouldn't add any benefit for her.

The second example was with a very friendly gentleman with a wonderful energy about him. He connected prior to Christmas because his wife was suggesting he come see me for coaching. I set up a quick chat with him today prior to doing a consultation with him, to better understand what he's looking for and to share my approach (so that if it's not what he's looking for, he won't get too deep into anything).

When I asked him during our chat what he would like to get out of coming to Zenergy Health & Wellness, he replied "Well, I'm not really sure. My wife said I should come in". As we chatted more I learned;

- This man was 79yrs old (he looked and acted younger),

- He keeps busy around the house (lawn work, shovelling, etc...),

- He volunteers at our local air force museum and a local theatre (where he also now acts in plays),

- He likes to read,

- He does his treadmill 30-40min (and now mixes it up with some rowing as his wife bought a new rowing machine)

- He sees a chiropractor as needed (maybe once or twice a year) and does some exercises for his shoulder that were recommended by the chiro

- He truly has a great energy about him and a nice sense of humour

I was so impressed! He's one of those people you just feel lucky you got to meet. In our conversation, I reminded him there are several people I've met and chatted with younger than even myself (almost 41yrs old) who do less on a regular basis than he does! As much as this man would be a wonderful addition to Zenergy and a pleasure to work with, why would I disrupt what seems to be a solid routine / habits that he has in play right now? By taking him on as a client, not only would he be doing something he's not truly wanting for himself, but I would also be disrupting a lifestyle that he's happy with!!

We live in a society of "Do this, not that" and "Should do's". When someone is happy with their current daily routines, feels good and has a good energy about them, we need to be more accepting of that. Isn't that what we all would like? To be happy with our daily routines and health practices?

There's no one thing that anyone "should" be doing.

If someone is doing nothing, that's a different story.

If someone is miserable, day-in and day-out, that's a different story.

Let's start looking at what someone IS doing for themselves, rather than what WE think they "should" be doing.

Let's start celebrating the little things that make us feel better and be healthier.

Both of these people inspire me! And I'm proud of and happy for both of them.

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