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Insomnia & Simple Actions

Client Story from a proud coach...

This client started working with me in November and it's been an absolute pleasure to have her a part of Zenergy Health & Wellness.

She came to me in a place of frustration and stress when it came to her health. Her health concerns are her major source of stress. It didn't help that when she hoped to get started, the doctor had asked her to wait until the new year while she was getting some treatments. She was frustrated because she really wanted to get started. We chatted about it and I reminded her that there is plenty we can still begin to discuss and put into practice without going against the doctor's wishes regarding physical activity. She was pretty excited about this. We discussed various options, and she chose to start with practicing meditation. She wrote me in an email saying;

"I have meditated in the past, but not with any serious intent. I find I cannot sufficiently shut down my thoughts enough to find the mental space I suspect I should find while meditating."

This was great insight she shared. Immediately we were able to ease her mind and expectations when I helped her understand that, mindfulness meditation isn't about "shutting down her thoughts". We also helped eliminate false beliefs in how to meditate (i.e. the "I suspect I should" type thinking).

She chose to implement a simple meditation practice DAILY. We started her with a simple 10-breath meditation. Generally this works out to about 1-min (or so). I helped her understand that this can be done anywhere, anytime. No fancy postures. No space in particular necessary. AND... do it several times per day if you'd like! Once (or more) each day being our starting target.

My client took this and ran with it very quickly. She implemented this new practice into her days and was enjoying it as well (keywords: enjoying it - we often forget this part of our health practices). As we moved forward, she shared with me at the beginning of the new year how it had become part of her days, 3-4 times per day many days! It has become a PART of her days. She was already also utilizing it as a tool to calm when things were stressful, refocus when needed etc... Awesome!

She's maintained her enjoyment of her practice and consistency throughout the months. We also worked with the "Crocodile Breathing" exercise (from Tim Anderson's Original Strength) to help her understand the HOW and WHY of the breathing movement we want to maintain.

There's been some really cool stories she's shared in how she's used her meditation over the past few months as a tool/strategy in various situations in her days, but my favourite has been a recent one she shared in regards to her insomnia:

Her insomnia had kicked in over a week or so. She came in on a Thursday at the start of this month (February 2023) and shared how she used her meditation practice as a means to work with her insomnia. Woo!!!!! She explained that rather than tossing and turning, she got up and went downstairs. There she did her crocodile breathing exercise for a couple minutes, followed by her meditation. Guess what!? - It worked! It helped her get back to sleep that night.

This client is a wonderful example of what small, simple changes to our daily practices can do for us. In addition, she's not taking the things she's learning with me as something she does here at the studio, something she "has" to do or something she does only when I (her coach) is around. She's taking the health practices and using them as tools and strategies in HER everyday life and implementing them when SHE feels and sees the need, so she can manage situations and/or feel better inside and out!!

Attitude and mindset are MAJOR factors in our progress with our health. And this woman, is a PRIME example of how much of a boost they can provide.



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