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Information is only good if you USE it

A long time client of mine discussed the past few sessions, articles that she's read online regarding suggestions such as "stretches for your neck you should do" and "strength exercises for your knees"...

*Note - This client has her own chronic issues she's been dealing with and has for many years now been given recommendations of how to manage her injuries, by both myself and her physiotherapist. *

In conversation, I reminded her that it's great she's taking such an interest in health subjects and information. That said, she's "chasing too many rabbits" (as the great Dan John would say) and ignorning her own health situation. We chatted and I reminded her that during the time she's reading these articles about "what you 'should' be doing" she could do her own exercises that have been suggested to her to help HER specifically - which take the amount of time to read an article to do (seriously).

This is not uncommon and this is a barrier that MUST be addressed in order to reach health goals, manage injuries/conditions, see progress etc... We have the ability to bombard ourselves DAILY with information on what we "should" be doing for our health. In many cases, we continue to read, watch, listen and chat about all the things that "they say" are good for us to do each day.... But then we do NOTHING with that information.

Information is USELESS if you do nothing with it. We've all been caught in this trap (myself included).

USE it.

Put it into ACTION.

And watch how much better you begin to feel.

STOP searching for information and answers. Use the knowledge you have now or that you gain through professionals you've hired and PUT IT INTO ACTION.

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