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Improve your Health with the GSPA Model

Yep. GSPA. Not sure how to pronounce this acronym... but there its - GSPA.

GSPA stands for:

Goals ~ Skills ~ Practices ~ Actions

This coaching model that I learned from my courses with Precision Nutrition (to me) is a refreshing view and approach, from the old-school S.M.A.R.T goals approach many of us are familiar with. It just seems to simplify things I find.

Goals. We all (hopefully) have our goals/aspirations/targets; be it in health, life, work... We have something we are wanting to progress towards.

Skills. Along the way, and in order to achieve our goals, we need to work on certain skills. Harnessing skills will help us increase the likelihood that we reach our goals vs just jumping into something without any proper foundations set. The 'skills' part of goal setting I feel has often been overlooked (at least in health). Breaking things down to SKILLS creates simplicity and settles a person into the basic foundations that 99% of the time, are the MOST efficient and effective route to your goal(s).

For example, if we think nutrition there's the skill of cooking that's an obvious one. If someone is trying to eat healthier, but he/she has little to no ability or skills to cook, they'll be pretty limited won't they?

Another example, might be someone who wants to get stronger. A deadlift is a wonderful exercise for overall strength gains. Before loading up a bar with some heavy weights, it's probably a good idea to learn the skill and technique of a proper deadlift so you're doing things safely and effectively.

Practices. Once you have your skill(s) set that will help you towards your targets, now it's time to set your PRACTICE. Practicing the skills on a regular basis that you've noted as those that will help you achieve what you're trying to achieve, is a pretty good idea.

Actions. The DOING part. Taking action. What actions will you put in place to ensure you're practicing the skills needed to achieve your goal(s).

It's like following a map isn't it?

-You know your desitination.

-You plot out waypoints along the way to head in the proper direction.

-If you get lost, you reset by looking at your map and waypoints again

-You take the steps you set out along the way progressively to get to where you want to be.

Those who see the most progress and those who reach their goals, DON'T SKIP STEPS. We could even think about it like a pirate map. If you don't follow the steps in a pirate map, you're WAY less likely to find that buried treasure aren't you?

And who doesn't like to find buried treasure!!? YAR!!!!!

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