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How can we embrace change and overcome the fear of the unknown?

We fear change. We often resist it for the familiar in our days, weeks, months and years.

Yet change is inevitable. Change is nature. Change is life.

Everyday these moments are present. Sitting this morning reading on the porch with my coffee was one of those reminders that EVERYTHING comes to an end.

Everything will change.

It was a morning where the weather and environment is absolutely perfect: temperature, calm, birds singing, no one around early in the morning, you feel so comfortable and relaxed, you're into your book, your coffee smells and tastes fantastic and the sun is gently rising to brighten our day.

Enjoying this morning I check my phone. "Damn". Time to get ready to go to work. This amazing 45min is over, done, gone. I don't want to leave it. I just want to sit all day and read here with this atmosphere and feeling.

But that's not realistic is it? It has to change if I want to support my family today. I have responsibilities. What if I say "screw that. I'm cancelling my morning sessions and staying home"? Change will STILL happen no matter what...

The temperature will rise...

The neighbours will wake up...

The neighbourhood will wake up, cars will be going by to head to work etc...

The dog will need to be fed and go outside...

I'd have to leave for my appointment around lunch time...

I'd have to eat at some point...

Change is inevitable.

The point here is that in our health and lifestyle, often we are fearful of change - even good change. Something that's out of our current norm is a scary thought. We get so comfortable in our autopilot mode that anything outside of it, even if we know it will make us feel good, we fear or avoid. We conjure up thoughts and ideas of all the reasons why we "can't" or "don't want" to go for a 20min walk or get onto the floor for a 10min stretch or mobility routine. We create false assumptions and ideas without experiencing it. We remember that "one time" when it was a struggle, the weather sucked or we were feeling blah.

We find a way to avoid what will happen regardless - change.

We avoid change, even positive, so much that when the inevitable does happen it ends up being negative change. No matter what it's coming. We wait until we're physical hurting, ill and/or until we have multiple things to work to change. See the paradox there? We try to avoid change for so long, that when change DOES inevitably happen, we have MORE to change.

Silly humans.


We know change is part of life - even the good stuff. So rather than avoid it, why not embrace what IS while it's here...

-Enjoy the good and the positive.

-Move often when our body is capable to do so.

-Eat foods that GIVE us energy rather than TAKE our energy.

-Smile and laugh in the cherished simple moments when we can.

Be present in these moments. Take it all in. Be mindful.

In the case of creating POSITIVE change, rather than avoiding it or being fearful of "big, massive change that is different", opt for the small, easy change to make it realistic and sustainable....

-Take a 5-minute action (do something that takes just 5min of your time, but that creates change)

-Make it so small and simple that it's impossible to NOT do each day

-Create the change within your means and abilities NOW compared to "where you want to be down the road". Example: You want to eat more vegetables, but currently eat none. Don't go out and buy the entire produce section. Instead, look for a small change. Say trying one new vegetable each week to discover taste, how to prepare it to your liking, what to pair it with if you want, recipes that use it etc... Keep it simple. Work from where you're at NOW.

If we can learn to EMBRACE change and have an open mind to the fact that change WILL happen no matter how much we try to avoid it, we can begin to move our health forward in positive ways. We can be more present and enjoy the moments when we have them. We can feel more grateful for the positives when they ARE with us.


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