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Healthy lifestyle can Create Memories

Adapting healthy lifestyle practices can truly create memories you wouldn't even think of! It's just another positive outcome of taking care of ourselves.

2022 did not start off as any of us planned. It's a 100% complete bummer!!!

That means we need things to make us smile and feel good inside. Well here's a story that will do that...

I've mentioned my client Steph in past posts many times. The person I met almost 3-years ago now (crazy!) is different in many ways to the person she is now inside and out. Her lifestyle, mindset etc... has completely shifted in positive directions and she's made awesome progress, again both inside and out.

Part of her lifestyle change over the past couple years is that you can't #@$^ing keep track of her . She's off on an adventure, somewhere on any given weekend or days off. It's awesome! This woman finds places I didn't even know existed and shares fantastic pics of her experiences with me. And of course, she brings her teenage daughter with her for some mother-daughter adventuring, exercise and memories (and so they each have a photographer and the ability to do some weird-ass tiktok videos... which she's also shared with me ).

This Christmas, Steph's daughter Samantha took these experiences she's shared with her mom and did something amazing; She designed a board game!!!

"Adventure-Opoly" it's called.

As a board game enthusiast myself, this is awesome! As a parent and human being, it's even better!!!

Samantha took all of their shared adventures and worked for months on this present for her mom. This is no 'cardboard and duct tape' kinda craft. This is the real deal! You can see in the pics, that the game's cards/properties are all places they went together on their adventures.

The game pieces are not only themselves, but also their cats, and a couple fantastic gentleman of our time.

You look at these pictures and see the love and care that this young woman put into her mom's Christmas gift!!!

It's awesome!

....And you can see with Steph's reaction when she opened her gift, that she felt exactly the same!

As a Fitness and Health Coach (and yes a human being), I can't help but be so proud of what Steph and Samantha have done for themselves the past couple years. All of this from the exercise and activity, to the adventures, moments together and lifelong memories have been created by Steph from her patience, attitude, dedication to herself and her lifestyle AND from simply incorporating more healthy practices in to her days.

If this story hasn't made you smile, feel the 'warms and fuzzies' and possibly choke you up a bit....

...You're a cold, hearted human let me tell ya.

*Steph & Samantha - You ladies are awesome!!!

Here's to another year of adventures together!*

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