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"Health is more than Reps, Sets & Broccoli"

I was doing up a post for our Zenergy Health & Lifestyle Facebook group and this just came out as I typed...

"Health is more than reps, sets and broccoli"

Now more than ever, as we (slowly) move forward in the COVID pandemic do we realize this point. Being kept from seeing friends, family, creating memories etc... for a year and a half now has been tough on everyone. And hey, I totally get it. We had to do what we had to do. But that doesn't make it suck any less, right?

Honestly, this pandemic has really brought a ton of lessons. For me it's really shown how much our overall health is,

.... WAY more than fitness,


.... WAY more than nutrition

Health encompasses various elements that bounce off each other in this very cool, natural harmony that we honestly can't force.

If you want, let's compare it to nutrition. Nutrition is WAY more than just carbs, protein and fat. Our physiology doesn't thrive on one particular macronutrient OR micronutrient more than another. It thrives on a balance of all of those things. Our health works the same....


Healthy eating

Sleep (quantity and quality)

Relaxation / down-time

Mental exercise

Creativity and imagination

Social relationships and experiences

Fun and play


Stress management

All of these things and more factor into our health. Meaning focusing complete attention on just one thing while ignoring the rest is counter-productive for sure! You can work your ASS OFF in the gym for weeks, but if you're eating fast food and sacrificing sleep so you can binge watch the rest of your favourite Netflix series it's not going to create health.

On the flip side, being very discipline with your movement habits, nutrition, sleep routines etc... is wonderful. But if you're sacrificing so much that you're missing out on LIFE, FUN and MEMORIES, and walking around miserable most days, you also will not create good health.

It doesn't matter if you can lift 400lbs if you're blood pressure or blood sugar is out of control...

It doesn't matter if you have six pack abs if you're insides are dying from the poor quality eating habits you have...

It doesn't matter if you look good on the beach, yet you can't bend over to tie up your own shoe without struggling...

It doesn't matter how fit you are, or what you look like, if you're simply a miserable person to be around....

It's a LIFE LONG practice and and BALANCING act, our health is. Finding the harmony in what works for YOU to allow you to truly be a healthy, happy human. Now that will get you to some wonderful, healthy places both inside and out!

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