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Empowering Yourself: Utilizing Tools Learned as a Client for Better Health Management

Photo cred: J.M.

How awesome is that pic eh? This was taken in Portugal when my clients were hiking in the mountains. Incredible. But that's not the point of my post...

The reason I wanted to share this client story is because my client took one of the tools he learned here at the studio during his sessions, and put it into action, which allowed him to enjoy himself on his trip.

Quick Backstory

This long time client of mine decided to get back into some skiing this past winter, and purchased a membership at our local ski hill. Awesome! It was work on his lower body in particular after the first time or two he found, but as expected when he hadn't skied much for several years.

Soon, his knees were bugging him. When he described the discomfort to me, he pointed out it was in the front of his knees. I'm always "happy" to hear this, as I've learned over the years in working in conjunction with many physiotherapists/athletic therapists that often this points to trigger points in the quadriceps (front of the thigh).

Your quadriceps (4-muscles in the group) converge into the patellar tendon, which runs over your patella (knee cap) and attach to your tibia (large shin bone). So it makes sense if there is trigger points in the tissues of the quads, that it would pull and irritate the patellar tendon.

We went over some myofascial release work using the stick roller here in the studio (think self massage), so he could help release those tissues and manage/reduce the discomfort. (There are several other tools you can use for myofascial release such as foam rollers, lacrosse balls etc as well.)

As he incorporated this into his days, his discomfort in his knees eased up.

Fast-Forward to Recently in Portugal

Not only were my clients on a hike of a lifetime in these mountains on the islands off the coast of Portugal, but they were also going to be there in the mountains for their son's proposal to his girlfriend (now fiancee - YAY!!!). Memories you definitely don't want to miss.

The hike was tough (as expected) due to the elevation, ever changing terrain and crazy steep stairs at times along this LONG trail in the mountains... But worth every second of course. Towards the end of the hike, my clients knees were acting up again. As expected when you're traversing hills and paths that aren't in your usual weekly adventures here in Eastern Ontario. LOL

When they got back to where they were staying, guess what he did?? He rolled his quads, and added some stretching in as well. He took what he had learned in the studio during his sessions, and rolled it into real life. He said "And it really helped! I felt fine the next day!" His wife (a client of mine as well), also took advantage of doing some stretches to help her muscles recover so she could continue to enjoy the adventures ahead while in Portugal.

Learning to care for our Health is MORE Valuable when we USE it!

Taking what you learn in your work with a coach that you've hired can allow you to take control of your own health and wellbeing. Isn't that ultimately what we all want???

What my clients reminded me of is that doing these things / using what they learned;

  • Didn't take away from their trip

  • Wasn't annoying or time consuming

  • It HELPED!

They were travelling with friends/family and while back at the place they were staying, while everyone was chatting and enjoying the evening, they were rolling and stretching while taking part in the conversations. It doesn't have to take "more time" from your day and taking care of yourself doesn't "disclude" you from anything that's going on. It CAN easily be PART of what you do.

When clients do these things, it only increases the value of the coaching I provide to people. When what you've learned is put into action, on your own, away from your coach, you're improving your own ability for self-care and making your health YOUR priority (rather than relying on seeing someone to do so).

It never gets old to me when clients take control of their health. That's what I love. That's why I do what I do!

It EMPOWERS people. Think about that? When you not only LEARN tools and ways to manage your own health and wellbeing, but also PUT THOSE THINGS YOU LEARNED INTO ACTION WHEN NEEDED, YOU naturally feel more in control of YOURSELF, and your health.

And that's a feeling that is priceless!


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