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  • Derek


Our society is ALL or NOTHING.

Our world is an "always on" type place.

Health on the other hand, doesn't work that way. Mother Nature doesn't work that way. Therefore our approach to our health practices, the HOW, is very important to our success.

We WANT everything NOW. We've subconciously evolved that way in our modern world. Our health however, is still very much a part of nature. It doesn't work on a "quick fix" or "instant" basis. At least not if you want it to be sustainable change that is. Health requires time, patience and adaptation.

Over my two decades to date in the fitness and health industry, I've worked with both ends of the spectrum:

- I've seen clients who want results NOW and bounce around trying all kinds of things, and unfortunately bouncing their health around in the process.

-I've also seen clients who are much more about taking a calmer approach to their health, being patient, putting in the work, learning along the way and more often than not, maintaining their health and lifestyle practices long term. These are the clients who tend to be the most successful in my experience.

The latter is definitely a more realistic approach for most of us. It can also be done much more simply. Mind you, simple doesn't mean easy!

It's very easy to get caught in the "all or nothing" mindset. You have a goal you want to achieve, so you put your head down and go full blast into working to get there! After a few days, maybe a week, maybe a few weeks you're distraught, maybe frustrated, exhausted or just plain sick of how hard it seems. So you quit... you fall off the wagon...


Try EASY first. Meaning, whatever your health, fitness or nutrition goal is (pick one goal at a time to focus on), make the process so easy it almost seems ridiculous. Like it "couldn't possibly help". Make it virtually impossible to NOT do what needs to be done. Make it happen. Being so easy, it may even more seemlessly fit into your daily routines as well!

I always coach my clients in this way. Why suggest a tougher workout, a longer routine, a further distance to run or walk, when the client isn't consistently getting less difficult stuff done?? The same goes with my own health practices. If I can't consistently do an easier routine or health habit, why would I think that a tougher one would work any better??

Not to mention, daily modern living can be stressful as it is. Putting more pressure and more intensity on yourself to do a tougher task in regards to your health practices, only adds to that daily stress. Taking the easier yet more consistent route favours less stress, more enjoyment AND in the end more results.

I honestly believe that if more of us could set our mindset on this wavelength,

more people would have success in their health goals.

I honestly believe if more of us put the work and effort in on the easy stuff, consistently, we'd feel positive changes happening more often.

I honestly believe that if we approach our health in a more simplistic and less stressful way, we will ENJOY the process and KEEP COMING BACK for more!!


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