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Creatures of Habit

Human beings are creatures of habit without question. Quite often, our habits build so slowly and progressively, that over time we don't notice it happening until it's a well established norm. Which goes without saying that to change a habit and/or build a new one, the most efficient way to do so, is small, gradual steps.

As we roll into 2023, I've had some wonderful coaching calls and conversations with clients, as we dive into areas of their deep health that are most in need of energy and attention. With a handful of them, it's naturally rolled into TIME and FOCUS. It's uncovered quite a few "ah-ha" moments for some based on what we discover or it simply "clicks" just by having these conversations with me.

  • One client realized as we were chatting that she really has no time for herself, because she's always doing things for others.

  • Another client realized her years of multitasking has created a mind that can't settle down (even while sleeping) and therefore has impacted many aspects of her daily routine.

  • One client realized how much time she's spending on her phone, and in particular on social media

Every single example here is common. They also each have ONE thing in common - PRACTICE.

In each example listed, these clients have "practiced" doing the actions/habits that are creating a barrier for them to reach their health goals. In other words, no matter how hard they focus on their nutrition and fitness (which are two important things to work with), they will see minimal progress without addressing some root habits. Their everyday habits will hold them back.

But it doesn't take a massive change! Even small changes will have a BIG impact much of the time... Let me share an example;

My client who gives her time and energy to everyone else but herself, has a handful of things we brainstormed, where each day she'll take 5min (or more) to do one or more of these things listed. When she does, she knows it's HER time and it makes HER feel good! She can choose whichever suits her best on any given day.

Notice how simple they are? We don't need rocket science to feel better.

One important thing my client needed to make sure she did, is noted at the bottom of her page (right): She needed to chat with her family to help them understand WHY she needs this time, and to get that support from them so when she does take her time, she'll be more likely to fit it into her days without stress or interruption.

Guess what? It's worked! She felt a very quick change in her mood and stress levels when she began implementing time for HERSELF on a regular basis. Not to mention, her husband and daughter both respect that she needs that bit of time for herself.

In this client's case, she was in the habit of DOING THINGS FOR EVERYONE ELSE. She practiced doing things for everyone but herself. Therefore, she's become good at it - just like any practice in life. Doing things for others is a wonderful human trait, but unfortunately when it's excessive it will backfire on our deep health. Having these conversations together, she's better understanding the idea that if I make sure I fit in MY TIME on a regular basis, it will allow me to have more energy and a clear mind for when I DO choose to do things for others.

Our body and mind become good

at what we do most.

-If we put ourselves last most of the time, we become good at doing that.

-If we sit all day and have little movement on a regular basis, we become good at sitting.

-If we reach for snacks (or food/drink of any kind) most nights while watching TV, we become good at wanting / grabbing food during those times.

-If we constantly are jumping from one thing to another, thumbing through new information every 30-60sec, our mind becomes good at focusing for small lengths of time.

I could go on forever, but I think you get the point. Human beings are 100% creatures of habit. It's time we start putting more energy and attention on our HABITS / PRACTICES that are preventing us from seeing the change we want to see. Put your attention into the PRACTICES AND ACTIONS more so than the outcome.

When you do that, the OUTCOME will be sometimes even more than you expected!

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