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Conversations can be the Best Remedy

I LITERALLY (sorry I know people use that alot lately, but it's true) just got off a video call with Zak from Precision Nutrition (PN). I was asked if I'd be willing to do a virtual call so we could have a conversation about my thoughts on PN's Sleep, Stress Management and Recovery Certification. I'm almost 3/4 of the way through the course (loving it!), and I am part of the first group to have gone through this new and unique certification.

I am never not willing to chat about PN!

I had a stressful morning today to be honest. It didn't start that way, but definitely was feeling I needed my afternoon break today. Running a small business, working in the service industry, and working as a professional post-pandemic (if we can say that yet?) is NOT what it was pre-pandemic. Things have changed and it continue to change.

I was looking forward to meeting and chatting with Zak for 30min or so to help give my thoughts on the SSR certification and my experience going through the course and my studies. What I didn't expect was how that ONE conversation, with a stranger and fellow professional, could make me feel so much better!

-Welcome to my headspace

over the past year-

The most success and change I've seen in some of my clients over the past year has been through CONVERSATIONS. It's not a particular exercise routine or food they eat, it's the foundational stuff and the chats that they can't always get from a friend, family member or "all knowing neighbour". These are the conversations that lead to a better understanding of themselves; Their mindset, their lifestyle, their habits and health practices. In many cases, simply the act of helping others take a step back to TRULY THINK ABOUT WHAT'S WORKING AND WHAT'S NOT is a huge boost to their success!

My career has evolved in a direction away from athletes and sports conditioning over the years into working with the general population. Now, working with the general population, it's evolving again; putting the foundational health and lifestyle practices, the stuff that is SO OFTEN overlooked into the forefront with people, so that they can experience more, progress towards the goals and feel good inside and out.

I know change is happening in regards to HOW I help people. I just don't know what shape or form that will take as I continue to learn and move forward. It's a weird feeling 22 years into a career when you hit this cross road - But also very cool. All I know is, I still love helping others and I still love learning how to create a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Today was a refreshing eye opener for me. Talking about PN, my experience with their certifications and my studies, what they provide for us as coaches and professionals... it made me smile. It gave me the same feeling I get when a client does something so small, most of us would overlook it. Yet that small thing, will lead to something bigger! I honestly didn't want the questions, conversations and meeting to end. I could've chatted about this stuff all day!

I have had many days where I feel lost lately. Being at the crossroads, you just don't know what path to take on any given day. Yet this conversation today, with Zak, who before our chat knew even less about me than he did afterwards, helped me read the compass a little more clearly.

-The conversation help reset the focus.

-The conversation helped me see what's in my heart vs what's in my head.

-The conversation helped point me to a particular path.

What I do as I take that path, or how I do it still isn't totally clear mind you. LOL

It also helped reiterate the fact that I've been reaching out to colleagues to have these conversations as well. Those open conversations about the good, the bad and the possible continue to help and surprise me.

My point being:

When we feel stuck...

When we feel stressed out...

When we feel like looking ahead is such a blur...

Sometimes you just need to talk to someone. Even if the conversation isn't directly about you, it may just surprise you how much boost you get from it.

I felt honoured to have been asked to chat about my experience with PN's SRR certification. Some of what I said may or may not help with their marketing down the road...

But the conversation helped me, I know that. :)


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