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Client Stories: Experiencing what Life Brings

A long time client of mine shared a few things over the past two weeks that some of us would...

a) Take for granted

b) Not even recognize these things as progress / "bright spots" in our health practices

Between her regular weekly sessions with me and physio in the first half of the year for some chronic back issues, she has worked her way back into functionality that has surprised herself. Aside from being consistent with her physio's recommended rehab work and her twice weekly sessions with me, she was able to share a few awesome pieces of news with me...

Over the past few weeks, she has only used her heating pad ONCE. Amazing! Here's a prime example of how I coach clients at Zenergy Health and Wellness. Look for the positive change; big or small, doesn't matter. Change is change. For this client in particular, this seemingly small change for some people is quite a big deal for her. Anyone with chronic issues (major or minor) know how annoying, uncomfortable or painful they can be and the stress that in itself can cause. Even the stress of feeling that discomfort and having to sit/lie with a heating pad each day after work adds up. The fact that only once over the past few weeks has she felt the need to use her heating pad is fantastic!

Enjoyed a concert with her husband and friends, with no discomfort afterwards. 2-weeks prior to writing this, her and her husband (along with a couple friends) went to a concert (about 25-30min from home). Between the driving there, plus all the sitting at a concert, then the drive home, even a few months back she would've felt stiffness and discomfort. But after this most recent concert, she needed to share with me that her back was fine! Yay!

Went kayaking at a friend's cottage this past weekend. My client and her husband spent this past weekend at a friend's cottage. The one day, they went out on the lake for a paddle, with my client hopping into a kayak. She paddled for an hour with her friend. She was really happy and proud, not only about the fact that she paddled for an hour and had fun, but that she had only minor (tolerable) stiffness between her shoulder blades a day or two afterwards when she was telling me. . The idea here is it's very tolerable stiffness (an "Oh" rather than "Ow!") afterwards which is to be expected with a new/non-regular activity, but most importantly the confidence in her body's ability to just do it and experience it - THAT'S the big one!!

Think about the impact of these things on your mindset and how we can truly find the enjoyment and motivation to continue with our health practices when we find THESE KINDS OF "BRIGHT SPOTS" along the way. If my client was still experiencing her discomfort/pain and not getting the help and putting in the work to create positive change, she would have either not enjoyed these memories as much (because she'd be concerned the entire time of how it would make her feel) AND/OR she would've avoided those activities / events all together.

This is a MAJOR boost to a person's confidence (as it should be) in their own abilities and in the work they've put in to better their health, wellbeing and life experiences!

Proud Coach here.

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