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50 posts on the Zen Blog!!

I just realized a few minutes ago, that I've written 50 posts on the Zen Blog since revamping it in 2021. Wow! How'd that happen?!

Have I learned any lessons after writing 50 posts?? .... Well, not too much just yet. However a couple things do come to mind:

I Enjoy Sharing my Thoughts and Advice

I really do enjoy writing these posts. I don't have a ton of readers (yet), however I was reminded this past weekend that you can connect with someone when you least expect it.

Music has always been a part of my life, growing up with Acadien family and blood in my veins. The past 8-years now in particular have been beyond anything I ever imagined, where my Dad and I have performed regularly around the Quinte area and created so many memories. This past Friday's gig brought yet another memory, when a couple shared their story of coming across an original song of mine on YouTube. They connected with it very much and wanted to come support Dad, myself and our music.

I'm sharing this here because this blog is similar for me; It's something I enjoy. It's something I do because I love it, not to be famous or rich. Yet, it CAN inspire at times. It CAN have an impact on someone. It CAN make a difference. THAT keeps me sharing and writing. Like my music and my art, I really feel this (writing) is simply another art form; It won't connect with everyone... but with others (for various reasons) it will absolutely connect with them.

It's Long-Form & Meaningful

The Zen Blog (so far) doesn't have a massive following. However, I don't want numbers/followers. I want people who truly enjoy reading my posts, thoughts and advice. I want to help others think about their own health practices and how they can maintain or improve them in simple, sustainable ways.

I don't want the same people who "doom scroll" through Instagram or TikTok. I want those who want to take the time to actually read and take in the words I'm sharing. I want to have some impact, rather than simply being a "like" that's forgotten 30sec later.

The more I think about it, the more satisfied I get actually. Knowing that those of you reading my posts are here because you take that time, is awesome! Knowing that my words are impacting those who TRULY want to help themselves make sustainable health practices as part of their daily lifestyle, is exactly what the Zen Blog is all about.


Here's to the next 50 Zen Blog posts.

And here's to you, for taking the time to read and share these posts.

Yours in Health & Wellness,

Coach D

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