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  • Derek

Thinking "Ass-Backwards"

Have you ever stepped back to think how ASS-BACKWARDS we think about our health and daily lifestyle sometimes?? It's a common conversation with clients... ...They have a crazy busy week that (in many cases) is beyond their control. ...They're pooped out and working a ton. ...They get down on themselves because they think about ALL the things they want to do for themselves, but haven't had the time to do it this week. ...They keep saying "tomorrow" or "next week", "I need to get back on track". And they keep beating themselves up for it.

I've done it to myself, I bet you have too, and I've seen many clients do it in my two decades as a fitness and health professional;

...The week is sucking the life out of us mentally and physically.

...We get down on ourselves and say "I need to push it and be 'tough'"

Naturally, we then push ourselves to exercise, stick to our eating plan/diet or whatever health practices we're doing.. In the end, leaving us MORE exhausted, MORE grumpy and MORE down on ourselves. OR we DON'T end up doing what we wanted to do and we STILL end up more exhausted, grumpy and down on ourselves!




Despite what we think, we DON'T have an unlimited supply of energy. Even those mentally tough/busy days take energy from the body!

With all of this being said, step back for a second and ask yourself; "How would I approach this if a loved one, family member or friend was in this situation? What would I be saying to them?"

I'm about 99% sure that most of us would help them see how crazy busy they've been and remind them it's ok, slow things down, breathe and/or take a break. We'd help them see how they've been on the go all week long, and need to wind down and get away from the chaos in whatever way works for them.

And I'm 100% sure we wouldn't be saying "What's wrong with you?" or telling them they're weak and a failure, like we do to ourselves.

See?? "Ass-Backwards" thinking!!

One client of mine recently was in this position. Every week on our coaching call it was discussing the craziness of the week (much out of it out of their control). Although this client was still doing some good things, they were still (naturally) frustrated. I don't blame them. But life will throw those days/weeks at us sometimes.

When that happens, practice adjusting your self-talk. Help that 'inner voice' begin to say DIFFERENT things rather than beating yourself up. Instead of say "I 'have' to do 'x'" or "I 'need' to do 'x'" from your original plan, ask yourself;

"What can I do, that's good for my mind and body, that will not TAKE energy from me, but in the end will GIVE me energy?"

-If you normally run, maybe you walk

-If you normally hike 5km, maybe you hike 2-3km

-If you typically do a 20min yoga routine and 5min meditation, maybe you do a 10min yoga routine and a 15-20min meditation

-If you typically would mindlessly watch a TV show or hop on a device/PC, maybe you instead sit outside in the fresh air and read a good book

-Maybe instead of your regular strength routine, you do the same exercises but with lighter weight, lesser volume and a greater focus on your quality of movement

The possibilities are endless.

It will take practice to make your 'self-talk' more understanding. However, if you DO practice adjusting that voice inside to work WITH YOU rather than against you, you're setting yourself for success in all your health practices (and anything in life for that matter).

You'll feel better inside and out.

You'll have the tools to tackle anything your days/weeks throws at you.

And you'll come out of those crazy days/weeks with more energy and life!

Sounds like a pretty good deal.


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