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More Irony and Mindset when it comes to our Health

If you didn't get a chance to check out my recent post , take a few minutes to read it over as this is a follow up thought to that discussion.

We established examples in the last post how for in many aspects of life, small changes are significant, yet when we think of our health we feel the need to "go big or go home". Too often, the small changes that create sustainable practices are overlooked.

Business owners will agree, that the little things add up. Our "post-Covid era world" (or whatever we call it right now) has brought new challenges, change in attitudes, and new ways necessary to go about day-to-day business. The small things business owners have to deal with on a daily basis add up. And sometimes, to an overwhelming state.

Customers/clients are no different. In the modern era, it seems any little change is "the end of the world", it's "not good", or it's "hard to deal with". No matter if a change is for the better or not, business owners are always met with resistance.

I'm not trying to complain (although I'm getting very good at that lately - my rants are known to be epic!). I'm trying to use this as another example from our previous discussion about how we see things, and how if we put our energy into practicing a different mindset, so many of us will be achieving our health goals rather than constantly chasing them.

When your favourite business changes their hours slightly, adjusts their policies, changes their menu or inventory, we sometimes feel like this small change is HUGE! (Example: "I can't believe they use iceberg lettuce instead of romaine!! This is awful!!! I can't take it!!!" LOL) AND YET, a small tweak to your daily routine to allow yourself to progress closer to your health goals seems like "it's not enough". We sometimes, don't even give it a chance before we brush it off and continue to look for "a better idea".

Kinda silly don't ya think?

Maybe a paradox is a better word for this, than irony? Hmmm... Here we go then;

The Health Change Paradox

Small changes are 85-90% of the time seen as BIG or TOUGH change in daily life, but when it comes to our own health habits and wellbeing, a small change (in the right direction I might add),

"isn't enough" for us.

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