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Change your Mind - Change your Health

My clients will be nodding their heads, knowing I'm a big proponent of small changes over time for the WIN! No more "Go Big or Go Home" mentality. Especially in our world today with so much stress, information overload and options. Set the ego aside, and put the energy into small, manageable, simple changes that will create long term consistency and health. AND changes that are actually not stressful to implement!!!

On my walk today I was listening to Dan Harris' "10% Happier podcast" with guest, Robin Roberts. This was an absolutely fantastic podcast. When discussing mindset and small changes in habits and how so often we reach for the "big bang" (which rarely works), Robin used a comparison I hadn't heard or thought of before.

She compared the mindset to investments:

If we received 10% return on our investments, we're quite happy with that right?? Yet when we suggest improving our habits by 10%, so many are quick to dismiss that amount because it's "too small" or so "insignificant it can't possibly do any good".

I love it!!!! What an awesome comparison!

The crazy part is that we balk at these small changes in our habits, despite 10% meaning ALOT to us in other aspects of our life. Meanwhile we are less active, more confused about how to better ourselves and arguably living a lower quality of life despite living longer, while we continue to beat down the old mindset of "go big or go home".

This fantastic comparison made me think of our Canadian mortgage rates currently. Right now (or recently) here in the Great White North, we're sitting at 5.75% interest on a mortgage (on average). Many of us discuss day after day how this is a very high interest rate right?? Yet if I said to a client, "we're going to make a 5% change to your daily habits" people would think it's "not enough" and be quick to demand more.

Welcome to the barrier in the health journey of so many people today. Our mindset is one of the biggest factors in whether we reach our goals or not. It's been proven time after time both by research AND real life, that small, simple changes over a period of time will produce sustainable results.

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