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Strong Foundation: Positive Health Practices

Remember "back in the day" when you felt off and it was simply

"just an off" day and nothing more?

Remember when you didn't instantly think the worst possible scenario and self diagnose something awful?!?!

Those were the days....

I attribute the latter point to our modern day information overload. We are bombarded with health information (whether it's good or bad OR pertains to our individual selves or not) and we "self-diagnose" all the things that are possibly happening inside/outside of our body any given minute of the day because "Dr Google", books, podcasts etc put the idea in our head...

It can be scary to be honest. It can be annoying.

It can create unwanted stress. It can suck the energy from you.

I type this as I continue to feel a bit "off". It's "back to work Tuesday" (a very busy Tuesday) following the long weekend in August, and I felt off all weekend:



-Low energy

-Depressed / not myself

-Lack of motivation


Whenever clients tell me they've been feeling off (other than a possible cold or "bug"), I typically review foundational health practices with them as a check-in:

Are you sleeping well recently?

Are you eating well recently?

Have you been managing stress well recently?

Are you moving regularly?

Have you been working too much recently?

Have you had much 'non-screen time' recently?

Have you been in nature much recently?

Have you visited with family or friends recently?

9/10 times the answer is "NO" to at least a few of these things.

In my case, I can honestly say I'm in that percentage currently as I think back over the past few weeks:

-My sleep routines have not been regular the past few weeks (in particular bed time being later and not winding down gradually as I was earlier this summer)

-I've had alot on my plate and on my mind (stress good & bad, responsibilities etc)

-My daily movement routines have been different (and shorter). They've also gone to "I need to do this" vs "I want to do this"

-Screen time has increased

-I haven't been outside as often (first time "humidity and heat" have brought that excuse for me so consistently)

-Being inside more and with the humid summer days, I've felt off (dry throat for example) due to being indoors with A/C on too often

-This past weekend I drank too much at the cottage (that never helps! Haven't done that in a long time to the extent where it has this impact)

-Eating (in particular on weekends) has been less controlled in recent weeks


I am reminding myself, as I remind my clients in these situations;

Before stressing yourself out too much, try going back to those foundational practices that have been off recently... and see what happens.

Yes, that's easier said than done but it usually works!

Here's the simple things I implemented yesterday to begin to work myself out of the "funk" and "blahness":

After lunch...

-Quick movement routine at the studio + 4km walk even though it was muggy out...yuck!

-10min on my accupressure mat

-Journaling to settle my mind (thoughts on 2023 so far and finished with some 2023 gratitude points)

-Tea and played a game

-After dinner put on "Home Improvement" on Disney+ (I still love that show!) and did some drawing/doodling for 60-90min. I used to put on a show or movie while drawing as a kid often.

-Went to bed around 9pm to read (fiction) for 30-40min

The human body is amazing and it's very much the opposite of working against us. Our body is constantly providing feedback as to how to feel better and make positive change inside and out.

If we're willing to listen.

Keep these points in mind for the next time you're feeling a little off. Our foundations are the most important aspects to our health and wellbeing.

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