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"How Tiny Steps Lead to Big Results"

I want to share the story of one of my long time clients and something he did this year that showed how our coaching approach at Zenergy works. Not only that, but that the message so many of us read, see and/or hear today works, yet is often ignored.

My client used to participate in speed skating locally. He not only practiced himself, but also did a bit of coaching and volunteered at speed skating events as well. Prior to the pandemic, he decided to stop speed skating as he was experiencing too much discomfort during and after skating (muscle/joint). Fast forward to early 2024, just about 4-years later and he's been skating with NO discomfort again.

HOW did this happen?

Check out the title of the blog again and you'll get the idea...

-My client has done NOTHING FANCY at all.

-My client has been consistent in not only his weekly coaching sessions with me, but also his weekly activity

-My client has adjusted when necessary (if stiffness/discomfort/pain arises on a given week)

-My client has put the tools learned from our sessions together into action when/if he needs to help manage stiffness/discomfort/pain

I'll also add that he doesn't seek to "destroy himself". It's not about "feeling the burn" or "pushing himself" to the point where he feels like taking a nap instead of actually boosting his energy. He simply takes action, listens to his body and has conversations that help him sort out the best course of action for him.

What ELSE is my client doing?

In addition to our 2x weekly 30min video sessions that my client does from the comfort of his home, he also (on any given week) keeps himself active with activities he enjoys, such as;

-Walking / Hiking



-Going to plays or museums

-Going away for a weekend / few days with his wife

-Works at a local small winery when needed

-Took up flamenco dancing lessons with his wife

-Speed Skating

-Projects around the house or for friends

-Drives a few hours away to visit his elderly father


All the while, he listens to his body. He's sure to let me know if he has some stiffness in his neck/shoulders from driving to visit his Dad for example. Rather than "push through" we make appropriate adjustments to help him manage the discomfort and FEEL BETTER (what a great idea eh?). That way, whatever tomorrow brings for him activity wise, he'll be ready to go!

Back to the ice...

Jumping back to the ice; when he went out this year for the first time in nearly 4-years he was pleasantly surprised to have experienced no pain/discomfort during or afterwards. Sure he was a bit stiff (as expected after 4-years off), but it didn't slow him down or prevent him from doing anything the next day (as it would have pre-pandemic).

To add to this, he had his flamenco dancing class the day before skating!

It's such a prime example of ...

Small, simple actions + Consistency + Time = Big results

If we can learn to set our egos aside...

If we can learn to get out of our own way...

If we can learn to stop listening to everyone and everything else ...

If we can start looking inward to learn what works or doesn't work for us...

If we can put simple and realistic actions into our daily practices...

Many more of us will be able to experience weeks / days like the adventures and enjoyment this client is having!

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