Fitness, Wellness & Nutrition Coaching 

At Zenergy our coaching is flexible to your needs and health goals. 

There is no 'one size fits all' approach to health,

 which means there is no 'one size fits all' approach to coaching either.

Fitness & Health Coaching 
30-45min sessions @ $30/session


-Fitness Coaching

-Nutrition Coaching

-Sleep, Stress Management and Recovery Coaching

With a "Deep Health" approach to our coaching, Zenergy's fitness and health coaching has the flexibility to utilize any or all coaching services when it's right for YOU! 

Coaching may be provided in-person, via distance coaching (online, our app, phone...) OR a hybrid of both.  

*Pricing is for regular coaching sesions

(billed monthly)*

*Savings for regular appointments of 2x weekly or more. Contact us for more details*

**Currently (as of April 1st, 2022) not accepting new clients for regular in-person / virtual sessions**

*See additional services below to see if we can still help*

Going for a Run
Woman Sleeping
Healthy Eating

Additional health and wellness services offered... 


Distance Coaching

$260 / 6-weeks

Distance coaching with Coach 'D' allows the accountability, motivation and communication with your coach involves everything we can do in-studio, but from a distance. 

The Zenergy Health & Wellness app (or other methods) are able to provide the coach-client team the means to create healthier habits in a more convenient and flexible way.  

Practicing Yoga

Single Purchase Programs


Zenergy is slowly building their library of single purchase programs using their app that will allow you to commit to a program for a set number of weeks only, and learn more healthy practices as you go.




Exploring Zen: An Intro to Mindfulness Meditation

*8-week program


**Comfort Zone Nutrition program - COMING SOON!**

Yoga at Home

Single Sessions


Single sessions are an option to connect with Coach 'D' for discussions surrounding your health practices, technique check-ins, questions about your routine you do on your own or simply for a motivation boost and new ideas.  

These sessions allow clients the freedom to access a local fitness and health professional, without committing to anything long term. 

Child's Pose

Yoga Classes

*will return in 2022-2023*

We are excited about the future with our yoga program(s).  

Please keep watching for more details as we move out of the pandemic and begin to provide these wonderful mind-body services again.