Fitness, Wellness & Nutrition Coaching

In-Person Fitness Coaching Sessions ~ approx 35-45min


Our fitness and health coach works with you based on your individual goals and needs. Whether you are in a private or semi private session, your program is designed specific to your individual needs, lifestyle and abilities. The primary goal at Zenergy is always health first, as the foundation, above all else. No fads, and no magic here. 

 1-on-1 Monthly Coaching Fees

*1 session / week = $120
*2 sessions / week = $230 (Save $10/mth)
*3 sessions / week = $340 (Save $20/mth)

2-on-1 Monthly Coaching Fees

(fees shown are total; split between the group)

*1 session / week = $200/mth
*2 sessions / week = $380/mth (Save $20/mth)
*3 sessions / week = $550/mth (Save $50/mth)

Distance Coaching - - - - WE HAVE AN APP for that!! haha :)

We now offer distance coaching services through our app (IOS & Android), or by utilizing other methods if preferred. With distance coaching, your fitness and health coach will design a routine specific to your goals, needs and lifestyle, allowing you the flexibility of doing it wherever and whenever works for you while still having the accountability and contact with your coach. 

*6-Weeks Distance Coaching = $260

In-Person Single Sessions ~ approx 45min

Single sessions are available as an extra option for distance coaching clients who need/want an in-person session to check in, or for those who maybe need to ask some questions regarding their own routine, or have their technique assessed by a professional to ensure safe and effective training on their own.  

*Single Session Fitness & Health Coaching = $45

Nutrition Coaching Sessions

As a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, Coach Derek can help guide you in your nutrition habits to create/maintain health and daily energy levels for all the things you love to do!  Create a solid nutritional foundation by learning what works well for you, in your lifestyle, right now. 

These coaching sessions can take place in-person, by phone, by video call, by email... Or a combination of ways to make things more convenient for you and your busy schedule. 

*Nutrition Coaching Sessions = $30/session 

*Nutrition coaching sessions, cost etc will be based on a per client basis (needs, frequency, app access etc).  Cost, session scheduling, method of coaching (in person, online or hybrid), method of payments (monthly, per session billing etc) will be discussed and decided upon between client and coach prior to starting nutrition coaching*

Sleep, Stress Management and Recovery Coaching Sessions


Sleep is an integral part of a healthy mind and body, which often takes a back seat to nutrition, fitness etc...  We sacrifice sleep for our favourite Netflix series or doom scrolling on our phones in bed.  Coach Derek is currently studying his Level 1 sleep, stress management and recovery coaching certification (SSRC), which will allow him to coach clients in an even more holistic manner to help them become healthier, happier humans.  

Details regarding this service will be posted Spring 2022*

Subscription programs 

Don't want to commit to in-person sessions?  Maybe distance coaching isn't quite your thing either?  Maybe you don't want anything too specific, but just general health and lifestyle practices you can work on, on your own time and your own schedule... 

Our Zenergy Health & Wellness app and/or YouTube channel provides those options for you.  

"ZENERGY MORNINGS" - Start your day with Zenergy and our new program available in  our app OR YouTube. 

Contact us to subscribe.

~ $20/mth ~


**Ask us about our Zenergy Mornings referral program!**



"A FEW POUNDS PER MONTH" - If you struggle with your weight, body image, self confidence and the mental struggles that come along

with weight gain, this group may be for you.  

~ COMING Early 2022. Keep watching this page for more details. ~



8-Week Starter Meditation ***COMING January 2022***

Are you interested in getting a meditation practice going but don't know how? Have you tried meditation in the past and the practice just didn't stick?  Zenergy's 8-week Starter Meditation program can help introduce you to various ideas, practices and help you discover what works for YOU in a meditation practice. 


Yoga Classes (Currently unavailable - will resume in 2022)

Improve Flexibility ~ Strengthen Muscles ~ Relieve Stress Increase Energy ~ Build Stamina ~ Restore Balance Learn Breathing Techniques to Calm Your Mind & Body

We have multiple instructors with various styles of teaching
Please inquire within for details prices and class schedules